A People in Transition: The Hlubi in Natal 1848-1877.

Andrew Manson


What has often come to be known as the Langalibalele "affair" or "rebellion" in Natal in 1873 has recently been the subject of a considerable amount of attention from historians. Guest's monograph, Langlabelelee, The crisis in Natal, a revised version of his earlier theses,' concentrates on the implications of the Langalibalele "incident" for the history of Southern Africa. The way in which the crisis was seized upon by Lord Carnarvon, the Colonial Secretary, to activate his plans for a confederation of states in Southern
Africa is the main theme of Guest's work. Much of the content of Guest's research was borrowed by Herd to write a "popular" but vigorous and often incisive historical account of the trial of Chief Langa1ibalele.

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