A Bibliography of Contemporary Writings on the Natural History of Natal and Zululand in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries.

Chantelle Wyley


Nineteenth century Natal and Zululand presented to colonial officials, settlers, traders and visitors a vast and undocumented world of natural history. The southeast African landscape exhibited geological and climatological features, and abounded with fauna and flora which had not been described or recorded in the annals of European natural history and science.

Gradually however, thanks to the efforts of the Colony's inhabitants and visitors, many of whom had little or no scientific training, the landscape of Natal and Zululand came to the attention of natural scientists in Europe. Observations and experiences of local inhabitants and visitors were recorded and published in European journals of science and natural history, and specimens catalogued in Europe's museums, zoos and botanical gardens. The scientific documentation and classification of the fauna, flora, climate and geology followed.

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