A Documentary History of Indian South Africans, ed by S Bhana and B Pachai.

Phillip Warhurst


On 13 July 1886 the Protector of Indian Immigtants in the Colony of Natal, A H Mason, visited the Umzinto Sugar Estate of MWm F and C P
Reynolds. As was his wont the Protector had the Indian workers mnaered in order to enquire into their welfare and "to the end that my c o m a t i o n
with them might be perfectly free and that the men might be relieved from any influence the presence of their superiors might. have",' he asked
Charles Reynolds, who was present, to withdraw together with his overseers. Reynolds refused, considering the request a slur on hisintegrity.
The Protector complained to the Colonial Secretary and asked for ading from the Attorney-General as to whether Reynoldd action constituted
'obstruction' in the sense of Sec. 34. Law 2 of 1%70".