Welcome to the website that hosts the Journal of Natal and Zulu History (JNZH) and the seminar paper archive of the no-longer running History and African Studies Seminar.

The availability and management of this web archive, while it lasts, is dedicated to the memory of Professor Jeff Guy (1940-2014) who, for the duration of the weekly HAAS series' existence, made it a lively and critical gathering and space: with reflection on the past in commitment to a better future.

Journal of Natal and Zulu History

Edited by Dr. Vukile Khumalo, this online SAPSE accredited academic journal focuses on the regional history of KwaZulu-Natal. In addition to most recent issue, the site contains a full archive of back copies from 1978.

History and African Studies Seminar (HAAS)

From 1995-2014, the History Department at the University of KwaZulu-Natal ran a weekly seminar series on its Howard College campus. Over the years it earned a national and international reputation for nurturing the production of both scholarly research and rigorous debate about the South African past and present, and topics further afield. Post-graduate students, academic historians, colleagues from across disciplines and visiting scholars contributed to the archive of papers preserved on this site.


This new website exists thanks to the ongoing support of Keith Breckenridge, who constructed the original site for the History Department at UKZN. He is now an Associate Professor and the Deputy Director at WISER.

KZN-HAAS thanks Dave Waetjen, UC Davis for donating his creation and maintenance of the site.